About The Artist




Stacy-Ann  Topjian Searle is a pen and ink landscape artist from Nashua, New Hampshire who works exclusively in black and white.

Searle began her art education at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston Massachusetts. She later earned a BA in Art from the University of Lowell, Lowell Massachusetts, where her focus was on Illustration.

Stacy-Ann uses on-site sketches and photographs as references for her work. She begins by laying out the general composition of a piece in pencil. Once a composition is in place, ink is applied to create a contour drawing of the scene. Detail is developed through her unique blend of cross hatching, contour lines, parallel lines, stippling and scrumbling techniques to create the mood of each piece.

While Creation inspires most of her work, she also draws old barns and farmland that is very much a part of life in New England.

Stacy-Ann is an award-winning juried artist and is a member of the Nashua Area Artists Association. She has participated in Nashua’s Art Walk and has exhibited in group exhibitions at ArtHub Gallery in Nashua, NH, Beaver Brook in Hollis, NH, the Whitty Gallery in Hollis, NH, the Brush Gallery in Lowell, MA, the ALL Gallery in Lowell, MA, Angles and Art Gallery in Haverhill, MA, The Fitchburg Art Museum in Fitchburg, MA, and Uforge Gallery in Boston, MA.